Although individual customers come to us to have their personal out of print cloth or leather books restored or rebound, we have also bound books for York Minster, Castle Howard and other private collections and stately homes.
You may require an old book to be restored or rebound. People bring books in various conditions, from relatively young books to others which are hundreds of years old. They are mostly bound in cloth or leather and we are normally asked to restore or rebind in such a way as to maintain the books appearance, whilst giving it lasting strength.
york book restoration
As the photos show, it does not matter what condition the book is in, there is almost always some restoration technique that we can perform to restore it.
Sometimes the sewing is damaged and the book needs sewing repairs, or completely striping down and re sewing. Other times it may also need page tears repairing, which can also be time consuming, but rarely impossible to preserve the remaining material.
The pricing of cloth repairs or re binds starts about £45.00 and can be up to £120.00 if page repairs or re sewing is required.
Leather repairs normally start at about £120.00 and can be £200.00 and above for larger books.

Victorian Family bibles

We tend to be getting an increasing amount of Victorian Family Bibles in various states of disrepair. These can take a great deal of time to restore, but as the pictures show, they can be brought back to their former glory.
bible restoration
The prices of Bible repairs normally start at around £170.00 and can be up to about £350.00 if they require a great deal of page repairs.
Normal tissue page repairs are charged at £25.00per hour. Customers will be advised if the paper is acidic and in very poor condition.
Washing paper and de acidification is specialised work and can also be quoted for.
Any books of value are greatly protected by keeping them in a box or slip case, which is made to measure for each individual book. We can give a quote for small or large quantities.